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Business is getting BIGGER!
Base on the demand, we listen to the public and we expanded our Fiber Optic Cable.

We Branch out going to PEÑAPLATA DISTRICT. The branch out started from National High Way Road, BABAK Dist. going to PEÑAPLATA District, Poblacion only.

Phase 2

Davao Aerial Tour (30 of 39).jpg

-Purok 5 Brgy. San Agustin, Babak

-Bucaran, Brgy. Toril, Babak

-Brgy.Toril, Babak

-Brgy.Cogon, Babak

-Sitio Camotes, Brgy. Toril, Babak

-Brgy. San Agustin,Babak

-Sitio Sta. Rosa, Brgy. Mambago-B,Babak

-Brgy. Sto. Nino relocation

-Brgy. Sto. Nino

-Brgy. Mambago-B, Babak

-Sitio San Roque, Brgy. Mambago-B, Babak

-Sitio San Vicente, Brgy. Mambago-B,Babak

-Brgy. San Agustin, Babak

-Brgy. Cogon,Babak

-Brgy. Libuak

-Brgy. Balet

-Brgy. Mambago-A

-Sitio Ma-ag , Brgy. Penaplata

-Brgy. Limao

-Brgy. San Miguel

-Sitio Cabadiangan, Brgy. Mambago-A

-Brgy. Catagman

-Brgy. Penaplata

-Sitio Pasig, Brgy. Penaplata

-Brgy. Tagdaliao

-Brgy. Caliclic

-Rodriguez Village , Brygy. Caliclic

-Benoling, Brgy. Penaplata

-Brgy. Cawag

-Emilia Healing Resort Brgy. San Jose

-Relocation area Brgy. Cawag

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