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TierOne is a professionally run organization, backed by a high-profile team with Domestic and international experience – covering technical design and installation of networks, marketing of services, and community economic development with connectivity solutions.

TierOne Services under the International Gateway Franchise (IGF) includes establishing, constructing, installing and maintaining networks to provide local and international telecommunication and broadcast services in the Philippines.

A 10-year exclusive period the Franchise Holder authorized to connect the following:

  • Any telecommunication system in the Philippines, mobile or otherwise.

  • Any broadcast media, cable TV, Internet platforms, bundled services  whether fixed, wired, satellite or wireless.

What We Do

  • Wireless Internet Service

  • Basic Internet Service

  • Electronic Email (E-Mail)

  • Network Security Service

  • Security and Mitigation

  • Web Page Design Hosting

  • Data Content Storage and Delivery

  • Fax over the Internet

  • IP Multi-Casting Services


Samal Island and Talikud Island have no fibre Optic under-sea Cables, requiring the company to build a NOC (Network Operating Center) with a Telecom tower in the Bay walk area of Samal Island near Davao.


This wireless link across the water to Davao has been established, which enabled the company to deploy a new Fiber Optic network covering the islands. The company is expanding its business to cover significant parts of the BARMM region and Davao Del Norte region of Mindanao. Approximately covering 10 Million Population, with 2 Million households, over a period of 3 years.


Tierone has secured a contract to connect an initial 5,000 health units to SPMC (South Philippines Medical Center) one of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines, to be commenced in 2020.


TierOne Communication and the BARMM Regional Telecommunications Commission have requested additional licensed cellular spectrum to deploy more advanced services.

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